Prepdeck - Your personal assistant in the kitchen!

Take Back Control of Your Kitchen!

Prepdeck is the world’s only all-in-one system for your kitchen needs. It’s loaded with over 45 features that help you prepare, measure, and store ingredients, as well as easily dispose of waste and trimmings. Save time, space, and money, bringing the joy of cooking into your home!

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Everything you need to prepare delicious, stress free meals!

Sleek, functional and easy  to use, Prepdeck keeps you tidy and organized in the kitchen!

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An all-in-one hub for cooking preparation

 - 15 prepping containers in 4 useful sizes
 - Measurement markings in oz and mL
 - Magnetically removable cutting board
 - Hidden storage for knives and utensils
 - Accessories such as a zester, grater, slicer, juicer & more
 - Lids for ingredient or leftover storage
 - 4-in-1 Julienne, peeler, green striper & bottle opener
 - Available Tablet & Phone Stand

....and much more!

Keep recipes at your fingertips!

Clean up has never been so easy!

The Prepdeck system has a removable waste drawer that connects to the fully detachable cutting board. Just push your trimmings and offcuts into the waste slot and easily remove the drawer from the side for easy clean up.

Prepdeck is made from highquality BPA free materials, so everything is dishwasher safe. You'll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying amazing meals with your family and friends!

Your kitchen, your style!

Prepdeck's exterior enclosure, which also cleverly doubles as a cutting board, is interchangeable and a range of finish options are available to suit your kitchen, personal style or even your mood! 

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