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Tablet / Phone Stand

It's never been easier to follow your favorite recipes while you cook than when you combine this Tablet / Phone Stand with Prepdeck! Featuring a compact, streamlined design that attaches directly to Prepdeck, the Device Stand works with most smartphones or tablets.
*Tablet not included.


A World of Flavor At Your Fingertips

The Prepdeck Mobile Device stand brings the world of digital recipes and educational content right to your prepping station. The Device Stand connects directly to Prepdeck keeping your phone or table directly in fron of youm but our of the way as you prep.

Streamlined And Flexible

Whether you're using your smartphone or a tablet with a 12" screen, this sleek, functional add-on will help take your cooking enjoyment to new heights.

Quality And Details

Accommodates most smartphones and tablets up to 12".

The Prepdeck Promise

We're dedicated to our craft, and to you.

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Thoughtful Design

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